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Apr 9, 2012 by

I am happy to say that the 2012 CSA season is already half filled! Thanks to the Fibershed Project, for letting me join in the fun. I am listed on their marketplace this year (as well as with Local Harvest), and Dustin is handling all the processing for me. My small percentage contributed is helping further the goal of having local clothing, right here in Northern California… a win-win situation. If you haven’t seen their site, take a look… they just finished a lovely spring photo shoot!

Since I am a glass-full type, you will notice I wrote ‘already half filled’ above. However, over the years I have been learning to be a businesswoman, so that little voice reminded me that I could also be looking at the situation as ‘You are only half full’. I decided it would be fun and right to do some promoting of natural dyes by having a contest, which will run until midnight Pacific Daylight Time on April 30th.

First the prizes, then the rules!

Grand Prize: An indigo-dyed pair of socks, made on my antique circular sock knitting machine (CSM) from Canadian wool. Why not local, you ask? The region is still working on re-tooling itself, and there is no mill that can spin a fine enough yarn to work with these fussy antique machines.

Sock in progress on the antique circular sock knitting machine (CSM)

I have three cones of white wool, which are getting skeined up and thrown into an Indigo tinctiforia dyebath, then knitted up on the machine. Below is a photo of several pair of such socks made in January. I will be making the socks for the winner, to assure they are the right size.

Several pair of socks made on the CSM - note NONE are naturally dyed!

2nd Prize: One skein of my own Nature’s Cauldron pokeberry-dyed yarn.

Pokeberry-dyed yarn drying

This is 200 yards of DK/sport weight yarn from Yolo Wool Mill, dyed last fall. Some of the most intense fuschia pink you will ever find!

3rd Prize: Your own copy of Harvesting Color, by Rebecca Burgess… just out last spring and one of the most user-friendly dye manuals around.

You could win this wonderful dye handbook!

Now, for the rules:
You get one entry for commenting, either here or on my Facebook page.
You get another entry each time you post about the contest, although Twitter doesn’t count, because I am not going to wade through there… so if you blog, or post on FB or Ravelry or Google+, let me know and I will follow up and give you another entry into the contest for each.
You also get yet another entry for each person who enters telling me “I heard about the contest from….”.
Last rule – contest ends at midnight PDT on April 30th!

So, lots of ways to get multiple chances to win, and more prizes will be added when I reach 100 entries, as well as each time I get a new CSA sign-up during the contest. Good luck!

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  1. excellent idea bsong! i just love that pokeberry skein:)

    i love the picture of all the yarn on the laundry line!

  2. Amy Shannon

    Ooh! Exciting! I am proud to be a repeat CSA subscriber and look forward to this year’s surprises. :-)

  3. Sara

    What a great giveaway! I’m saving my pennies to me one of those sock knitting machines. (Lots of pennies!)

    • birdsong

      You can get brand-new machines from New Zealand, but they are more than twice the price. Mine is from Angora Valley, which occasionally sells reconditioned antique machines.

  4. Promotion is very important for a growing business for sure!
    I think your CSA is a wonderful idea for everyone in Northern California. Growing and Shopping in our Fibershed is extra important! You are an inspiration for me as an artist/fiber artist. I saw Stephanie’s post on FB. I am friends with both of you Fiber Trash gals :)

  5. Penny St Claire

    Beautiful colors! I am intrigued by the sock knitting machine. i agree with Stephanie, the poke berry color is delightful.

  6. Karouna thompson

    I love natural dyes. So inspiring!

  7. How fun! I’m going to re-post on my facebook page. Thanks!

  8. michelle noe

    Love your posts…count me in!

  9. I’d be a very proud owner! Have always loved natural dyes and natural fabrics.

  10. Valerie

    Those socks look absolutely squishful! Would love to have a pair of those on my feet. :)

  11. Anne Thrall-Nash

    Really excited to be part of the half of your slots already filled! I will share this on Facebook as well

  12. Véronique Samson

    I heard about the contest from Karouna.
    Your work is so inspiring,the CSA, natural dyes, and I would love to see the knitting machine in action.

  13. OH…I LOVE natural dyes and miss the times I spent doing them in 19th Century attire…yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment but it just took me back to the old days and how my ancestors used to do it.

  14. OH….and I’ll be going right over to my blog and post about this contest.

  15. Wow! Who would have thought pokeberries would make such an intense color!

  16. Abby

    Great idea! I’m really interested in natural dyes. Thanks for doing this contest!

  17. Ohhh, I would love that pair of indigo-dyed socks! What a cool knitting machine. And I can attest to the fact that Birdsong’s pokeberry dyed yarn is really beautiful, as I have a skein of it in my stash. Haven’t decided what to knit with it yet.

  18. Carin Sorisio

    I would totally buy a share if I could!

  19. Lovely socks. Sallee over at knitnana shared the contest with me, so please give her credit. Several of my friends have CSMs but I am sticking to my spinning for all of my circular fun; still, owning those socks would be pretty wonderful!

  20. Beautiful pokeberry yarn! I would love to see a CSA of this kind in Hungary and I shared this with my Fb followers. Simply wonderful!!!

  21. I applaud all your efforts w/supporting local… and natural dye! Beautiful!

  22. Ooops, I commented on your facebook & shared too! 😉

  23. Dana

    Ah, I think it’s only fair I won because I’m Canadian and it should be given to a local… 😉 lol

  24. Kim

    Lovelt colours!! Do you knit socks for people as well? My dad loves his home knit socks :)

  25. Kassia

    Ooo lovely!! Please pick me! :)

  26. Karen Traversy

    Giveaways are so much fun, Thanks. The sock machine is cool!
    I will post to my fb personal page, my fb business page (Bridgit’s Bell), my blog and google plus.

  27. What a fabulous spring contest! Oooh…. so pretty! I was sent over to enter by The Knittin’ Coop!

  28. Beautiful colors!

  29. cat

    these are beautiful!! what a great give away! i am a huge sock lover!!!

  30. cat

    oh and i heard about this from my very lovely friend karouna:)

  31. I have always loved to do natural dyeing, which is the only kind of dye I used for over 20 years. Just last month, I tried using acid dyes for the first time.

  32. Kim

    Just found your site on Facebook. Love the ideas and colors. Look forward to following you.

  33. Tracy

    What beautiful colors….I love yarn. I am learningso to knit and my next project is socks, I hope.

  34. I heard about the contest from you on FB (gggg.) I sent some ♥ your way. Hope it made a difference. I have my own sock knitting machine and indigo dyed wool, so give my entry to someone else. Wishing you every success in your CSA!

  35. bsue

    how wonderful that natural dye day we attended at annie’s was last fall! happiness is a clothesline full of drying yarn!!

  36. Linda Stewart

    I am in awe of the pokeberry yarn. I tried dying with it last year and mine didn’t have the fantastic color. I guess I’ll have to do more searching to see if there was something I should have added. Your picture has made me want to try it again. I have to use natural or food colors. I can’t use the acid dyes. They make me sneeze.

  37. Love your work, posted to FB before you hit 200 – hope it helped!

  38. Doris

    Oh, that Pokeberry yarn is amazing. My favorite color and naturally dyed to boot!

  39. What an awesome prize spread! Thanks for the opportunity to win and for blogging!

  40. Best wishes with your dye program!

  41. oh my gosh – that pokeberry is just my color! No idea that it would be that shade!!! LOL

  42. Deborah

    Wonderful blog, Birdsong, and amazing CSM!

  43. nikkhi kast

    wonderful stuff! Does this comment mean I am entered? :)

    • birdsong

      Yes, commenting gives you an entry! If you want more entries in the contest, post on your blog or Facebook page and let me know (sorry, no Twitter!).

  44. Katie B

    What beautiful colors! Thank you for the contest.

  45. Ingrid

    Am not familiar with pokeberries, but love, love the color :))

  46. Diane

    Love the idea of a natural dye csa.


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